Ashland Auto Garage, Ashland, VA

Superior Wheel and Suspension Alignment


Improve Mileage and Prevent Damage Down the Road!


Is your car pulling to one side when you drive?  Does your front end shimmy when you brake or hit a bump?  Do your front tires have signs of uneven wear, or maybe your steering wheel no longer lines up straight?  If you are experiencing any of these issues, your car may need to be aligned. 

Some people are surprised to find out that an alignment issue actually has very little to do with a vehicle’s wheels or tires. In fact, your car’s alignment is a function of its suspension system. Since your car’s suspension determines the angle of your tires and thus how they contact the road, a misalignment greatly impacts both the functionality and efficacy of your car’s driveability. Intended to soften the impact of jars and jolts, your car’s suspension system directly determines its responsiveness to road conditions. While it may seem like an avoidable fix, neglecting your car’s suspension jeopardizes both safety and performance: failing to keep it aligned not only makes for a less comfortable ride but can force you to replace tires long before they hit their recommended mileage. 

At Ashland, our expert technicians can diagnose your car’s misalignment and determine
whether it is, in fact, the suspension system at the root of the problem. In some cases, damage is immediate and apparent: we’ve all hit that pothole and nearly flown out of our seat! For those who simply want to be proactive, we are more than happy to perform a preventative suspension check to catch any misalignment issues before they lead to costly damage down the road.