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Ashland Garage was established in 2019 but has been a lifelong dream of the Roady Family.

Together, Nathan and Dana Roady own and manage two other businesses located here in Ashland, Virginia. However, they wanted to open an automotive shop right here in their community of Ashland, where residents would feel confident and self-assured that they have employed an exceptional shop to repair their vehicle. Ultimately, the Roady’s large fleet of vehicles combined with Nathan’s passion for the automobile industry allowed their vision to come true.

The Roadys share three daughters: Trista, Madison, and Cadence. Trista, their eldest, is working full-time in the family business alongside her father, learning the ins and outs of superior automotive care while shadowing her mother in accounting. Trista is changing the perception of women in the automotive business while ensuring that the shop is transparent and up-to-date with times, all while staying true to our foundations of honesty and integrity aligned with the true craftsmanship of mechanics.

Although Trista is new to the business, the rest of the team are seasoned mechanics. They provide a quality of craftsmanship that is fading in today’s times. To preserve this type of service and knowledge, Ashland Garage is pairing apprentices with professionals to ensure that our customers receive the same expert quality for generations to come. The entire team is hardworking, honest, and the most dedicated people you’ll meet.

Restoring the building to the original state of her glory days, while making modern and technologically innovative upgrades, is just the beginning of the Roady’s journey. The office was designed with a “work while you wait” mindset, replicating the relaxed atmosphere of a coffee house without any loss in productivity. Fresh produce and pastries are waiting to be taken to one of our seating areas for your enjoyment. Pull up a seat at our bar-style counter while you look out at the bustle of our wonderful small town. Hook up to the high-speed Wi-Fi while you sip on a cup of tea or coffee.

Car repair may be inevitable, but it shouldn’t be miserable! Please come out and support Trista in her journey with the family business. There is no greater compliment than a referral, and we will work our hardest to gain your trust and maintain your business.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much will repairs cost?

A: This is a complex question that has no fixed answer. While the team at Ashland Garage will perform the most thorough work to the highest level of workmanship, your costs will be highly dependent on the damage to your car, and how much work you deem necessary. We offer a free estimate on any work for your convenience.

Q: How much does an inspection cost?

A: Inspections range from $150 – $250 depending on the purpose of the inspection and what needs to be checked.

Q: What services are included in the inspection?

A: Our inspection services include a comprehensive check, including all of the parts, systems, and mechanisms that keep your car (and you!) safe. You can find a more complete list on our Vehicle Inspection page.